Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Aerial Tour Of California Rice Fields and Lake Oroville Dam!

Let's take an aerial tour of California's rice fields, Lake Oroville Dam and Grey Lodge Wildlife Refuge. The northern Sacramento Valley has a lot of beautiful sights but we will stick to what predominately makes up Butte County.

I stop by the Williams Flying Service airstrip and hop into a 1967 Cessna 182 with ag-pilot Shawn because the crop-dusters won't fit two people safely.

As the areal tour of California Starts, we can see the Sutter Buttes nearby. We continue to fly over my uncle's equipment yard and eventually to some of the rice fields my pops and I farm. I point out how many acres some of the fields are.

We then fly over the Grey Lodge Wildlife refuge that is surrounded by rice fields. The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range is off in the distance as we follow the feather river, over Oroville and reach the Lake Oroville Dam. We get a great shot at how low the water level of the lake sits as well as the spillway, which is still under construction.

Taking this birds-eye-view, the areal tour gives us a great perspective of how large the rice fields are and how low Lake Oroville lake.

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